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Attention New Visitors: 

Please visit Possum Creek Games to purchase a PDF or physical copy of Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast!


As for us here at One More Multiverse, all tales come to an end, including ours. It pains us to share that One More Multiverse is shutting down as of May 13th, 2024, which means the digital edition of Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast is no longer available. You can read more at:  https://multiverse.com/letter. Purchased versions remain playable until Aug 11th, 2024.

For refunds of purchases made within 30 days of May 13th, 2024, please contact support@multiverse.com or use our Discord at http://discord.gg/multiverse


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I somehow forgot to put this here.


Hi, if I buy the boxed set will I be able to get this to play online, or do I have to buy them separately? Thanks!


The PDF that comes with this game, is it the full contents of the printed book?

Yes, it is!

This is honestly an amazingly written RPG that is just a great read, as well as fun and easy to get into and to introduce to players. The VTT is sweet but it was a bit clunky the last time I played. I love the coziness of Yazeba's, the characters, the journeys, and the oh-so-real topics it deals with.


Can this be played with only 2 people?

Yes! There's plenty of two-player chapters


If I buy this does that mean all the players can join or will each player need to also buy a copy to play?


Everyone can join as long as one person has access!

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Hi! I really want to play this game, but my laptop is a little bit old and it's hard for it to run some programs and games. Are the software requirements of the game somewhere for me to see them? Tysm

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It isn't software, it's a tabletop game. So you get a pdf with the rules to play with friends, sitting around a table, using dice (probably, haven't bought the game yet) etc.

EDIT: Why do I get -5 on my answer, yet (besides Megan) no one else has provided an answer..? Seems weird.


There's also a virtual tabletop, which is integral and necessary to playing the game online (so, for that, I would say there are "specs"). I'm not sure of them myself, but I do think that I've heard a few people struggling to run it on older laptops. That being said, One More Multiverse (the platform) has tips for people playing on older or weaker devices to be able to play. 


Just finished our opening session and there's so much to love about this. Possum Creek Games have made an exceptionally approachable and unique experience that feels part legacy game, part Stewpot/Firebrands RPG, part scrapbooking experience etc. And OneMoreMultiverse has made a great digital environment for this style of game (stickers, unlockables, stunning maps, hundreds of props, and the best doodling tools in any VTT).

I've only scratched the surface but if the characters or premise takes your interest - jump in! There's room for everyone.


What's the difference between this and Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast? Are they the same game?


They're the same game!

Does every player need a copy of this "module" for OMM to be able to play, or is it enough if one player/the GM does?


Only the GM needs it! They can invite others to the game.


hello. I purchased the game on indiegogo and have been trying to get a pdf file for a few days. I used my key and it directed me to a place where it was unable. Now it says I've used my key and won't let me navigate any further.

https://multiverse.com/ can you go directly to this website? Try logging in with however you logged in when you tried to redeem the key? (assuming you were able to do that)

Hey there! To get the PDF you'll need to access the game on One More Multiverse first!
To get there:
- Got to https://multiverse.com/home and login with the account you created on OMM to redeem the code.
- Create a new Verse (game) and select Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast.
- The page you land on should have a "Download the Rules" button that will get you the PDF!

If by any chance you can't get there please email us at support@multiverse.com and we'd be happy to check your details and send you the PDF directly! :)


I'm so excited to get to buy this one and start playing! I enjoyed playing the ashcan a lot, so I'm sure I'll love the finished game even more! Hopefully I'll be able to save a bit more money in the next couple of weeks to do get it ❤️

Just out of curiosity, will there be community copies for this in the future? 


There will be in the future! I think we'll be adding some to celebrate OMM's VTT launch  later this spring!


Okay so I took a chance and bought this without having a good idea of what exactly it was, as I had only seen it on TikTok. So for anyone else wondering, you get a little code to unlock the game for the website One More Multiverse (this was all new to me hehehe). I hope I can find people to play, because it seems very lovingly made and cozy <3 (If anyone reading this needs players please reach out to me!!)


i think you can find people to play it with in the fan-made yazeba's server (but i'm sure there are other servers out there, like one more multiverse's official server or the possum creek games discord server)! i hope you can find people to play the game with c:


yesss the one more multiverse discord has a community games calendar, and a yazeba's channel you can  use to meet other people interested in the game!

Hi! I'm the owner of the fanmade Yazeba's Discord :] You can join us at discord.gg/UUtsHFWWDb. You might be able to find some players for your game here!

I'd also recommend the Possum Creek Games discord :)


I've been trying the game with a friend of mine and we really like it so far. It's taking some getting used to because we don't do roleplay stuff outside of action RPGs like D&D, but we're having fun. My only gripe with it is that the PDF doesn't have any bookmarks so it takes a while to find things in it even when they're listed in the index.


We'll be implementing bookmarks in a month or so — we had to make some calls about what PDF features would make it into the day 1 release. I agree, it'll be easier to navigate once they're there!


Awesome news! Glad that y'all are working to polish things up :)


This is beyond amazing! I am so hype about this game. The love and detail that went into the design in multiple ways is astounding. Thank you for your hard work!!! <3


Triple pog. You haven't seen anything like this before


A thoughtfully crafted game that lays the intricate groundwork for the emotional journeys for each character, but leaves the paths taken to its players. It's funny, dramatic, sad, beautiful, and cathartic. Captures and magnifies the best elements of character arc driven TV in the form of an RPG. Worth the price alone for the artistry of it, and certainly the highlight of any table that explores its depths


double pog, stoked for the digital version


love this game pog